I self-scoped a two-week deep dive into the co-creation process involved in a bespoke product line. Analog Modern is a brand I founded in 2009. The core of the studio is furniture design, but we’ve also done retail design and build outs, as well as fabrication work for fashion brands and architects. For this project I wanted to explore a potential digital experience for our most popular product, the Dovetail Bench. Each bench is co-created with a client and a number of options are available. This requires a lot of back and forth between the potential clients and the maker. I reached out to email leads gone cold and interviewed existing clients to get an idea of pain points and areas of friction in the process of dealing with small studios. From this research, I decided to prototype a product configurator (that utilizes parametric or matrix pricing) and explore existing augmented reality (AR) viewers. The configurator begins to ease the communication cycle inherent in a custom product and AR helps a potential client view a product in their own space.

Ideally a tech stack could be developed that utilizes ShapeDiver’s parametric configurator and an existing AR viewer like SketchUp Viewer, Kubity, or SimLab. I’m currently exploring ShapeDiver and trying to get my Grasshopper skills on track, so this bench can be quickly modeled through a live plugin.