Peter Buley

Hello, I'm Peter. I am a human-centered designer and researcher, prototyper and maker, and can also don a project management hat.  I am looking to join an inspiring team doing good work in Minneapolis-St Paul.

Data-Informed Creatives

Skills and Tools:

Business Intelligence and Data Viz Competitive Research,
Strategy, Sketch, InVision, Primary, and


Product Configuration and Augmented Reality Prototype

Skills and Tools:

Presentation Design, SketchUp, Augmented Reality Viewers,
Rhinoceros 3D, Sketch, and InVision


Prototyping a feature extension for the “app for the hourly worker”

Skills and Tools:

Customer Journey Mapping, Kano Analysis, Sketch, Axure,
InVision, and low and mid-fidelity prototyping

(full version is password protected)


Strategy for Gaard One

Skills and Tools:

Journey Mapping, Service Design and Strategy, Storyboarding,
Touchpoint Prototyping, Sketch, and


Usability Research and Testing for UXPA MN

Skills and Tools:

Remote and In-lab User Testing, Affinity Diagraming, Sketch, and Axure


Revamping a Point Of Sale

Skills and Tools:

Contextual Inquiry, Observation, Sketch, InVision,
and Service Design Analysis


Early Work with Sketch and Axure

Skills and Tools:

User Studies, Comparative Analysis, Literature Review, Sketching, Sketch, InVision, Axure, and Google Material Design



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